Become the best version of you.

One of the greatest things you can do for yourself, your friends, and your family
is to become empowered through greater self-awareness.
CliftonStrengths coaching with Lacey is a great place to do just that!
Since 2014, Lacey has helped people and teams to greater understanding about how they are wired. Lacey will tailor your personal or professional development journey to meet you where you are, and help take you where you want to go.

Lacey is committed to helping you take small, practical steps which create real and lasting change. What makes Lacey’s coaching technique so effective is that it’s grounded in scientific insights into how your brain naturally feels, thinks and behaves. Lacey will work with you to choose paths of action which create lasting benefit in your life.


Changing the way we think or behave is one of the hardest things any of us can do. The beauty of Lacey’s Strengths-focused coaching is that her goal isn’t to try to make you someone you’re not. Lacey will help you to embrace the greatest aspects of yourself and then pass on skills which help you create personal momentum– helping you to become the best of who you are.


Lacey loves to communicate with others in a way that suits them best. The clarity of thinking that comes from empathetic listening and helpful questions is what she aims for in every session. Sessions with Lacey are a blend of clear information about the StrengthsFinder tool, as well as thoughtful questions to help clients understand for themselves.

Coaching with Lacey

Lacey lives in Brooklyn, Wellington with her husband Justin and their two boys. After completing her Masters in Educational Psychology in 2012, Lacey began her journey to become a personal and professional development coach, earning her StrengthsFinder certification in 2014.

Tailored Coaching

You’re unique! Lacey doesn’t’ use a one size fits all script. Instead, she will tailor a coaching experience to suit your own story.

100% Certified

Lacey is registered by the Strengths Network South Pacific based in Christchurch, New Zealand in using all CliftonStrengths tools . Lacey is also a certified Prepare & Enrich coach, has done Living Wisdom stage 1 training and has her Masters in Educational Psychology.

What clients have said about Lacey’s coaching…

“I completed my StrengthsFinder assessment and training with Lacey Blass, and found it to be profoundly beneficial in all aspects of my life. The accuracy at which the StrengthsFinder assessment analysed me gave me a bit of a shock – it somehow knew me better than I knew myself!``- Bonnie
“Lacey is very personable and enthusiastic. She moves through the coaching at a pace that you’re comfortable with, and knows exactly the right questions to get you thinking.``- Sam
``Lacey is a bright, engaging strengths coach, enhanced by her impressive qualifications, and relatable manner. If you want to know, and use your strengths, book a session, it’s a solid investment in personal growth.”- Lena